How do I hang up art so it lights up my room?

We want the art to look happy and comfortable in its new home.
• Hang single artwork pieces at eye level.
• Museum standards are 60 inches from the center of the floor.
• If you’re hanging art above a sofa or console, the piece should be approximately two-thirds of the width of the furniture.
• When you’re hanging two or more pieces near each other, treat them as one piece and follow the rules above.
• When hanging a gallery wall, large and medium pieces should hang two to three inches apart. Smaller pieces should be one and a half to two inches apart.

What is the difference between a canvas, rolled canvas, stretched canvas or a canvas board?

• A canvas is an extremely strong woven cloth made from plain weave cotton or linen. I normally choose white cotton to paint on, to ensure the vibrancy of my colours and a 100% cotton content which differs from the cheap ‘canvas’ which will be made from polyester or plastic.
• A rolled canvas is essentially a regular canvas before its stretched over a frame, and is inevitably easier to transport. This is usually done for outside of the uk due to shipping costs.
Any local framing company will stretch the canvas onto wood for final presentation.
• A stretched canvas is a canvas that has been stretched over a timber frame and is ready to hang straight on the wall. Clients generally enjoy having their canvas put onto a floater frame to get that luxe gallery feel, and comes ready tohang. Stapled canvases stay stretched tighter over a longer period of time but are more difficult to re-stretch when the need arises.
• Canvas boards are made of canvas stretched over and glued to a cardboard backing, and sealed on the underneath.

What is the difference between print and a giclee print?

• A giclee print is made by taking a super high-resolution photograph and then reproducing it using state of the art ink jet printers. The process to produce giclee prints is more expensive than a standard print and the inks used are highly pigmented archival inks. That means, that ten, twenty or fifty years from now the colours of your print will look exactly the same as the day you purchased it. Even more significant is that my fine art reproductions are printed on 100% cotton canvas. Giclee production methods are going to make these prints superior to your standard wall art from a big box retailer. But to make your artwork even more unique you can choose to have it hand embellished.

Can you hand embellish my giclee prints?

• Embellishing refers to painting over areas of the image to apply brush strokes and enhance colour. After receiving the giclee back from the printer, I add a hand painted signature, grab my brushes with a palette knife and go over the surface with a combination of paints in-order to increase texture on the surface and make some of the colours stand out. This also results In an original take on the final piece as no hand embellishment print is alike.
I hope this helps you understand your options when it comes to fine art prints. If you have any questions about the prints available on this site or you would like to see something in a different size, please contact me