Creative artist Devorah Neumann offers an eclectic collection of paintings for the contemporary art lover. Devorah considers herself to be a multi-faceted creative. Throughout school she dabbled in a wide variety of talented disciples. She went on to study interior design for 3 years at landes, and then designed shop window fronts expressing and maximizing her full potential. Her passion for the arts has led her to a successful 12-year career as a full-time artist and art teacher, expressing herself through acrylic, inks, oil on canvas, leather and wood. She has travelled round England teaching her techniques.
Her art work has been purchased by art collectors, interior designers and businesses, as well as doing collaborations.
Art takes up a lot of real estate in my heart and mind and I’m very excited to share my world with you on this website. My perspective on art sits beyond the canvas you see: to me, it speaks where words are unable to explain, and should spark joy. If you hear your voice, if you feel a piece resonating, make it yours and let it inspire you.